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Finally, an employee benefit with no cost or liability to the company.   Premier Dry Cleaning & Shirt Laundry, your personal dry cleaner, comes to your office at your convenience-not ours.  Any weekday we'll pick up your employee's personal dry cleaning and laundry and return it in just a couple of days, looking like new.                                         

Premier Dry Cleaning supplys a drop off box where your employees valuable garments remain safe and secure.  Delivery of their clean clothes can be made to their individual work area or a designated delivery spot, and our automated payment option ensures no disruption to the business day.  There is no additional charge for delivery; prices are the same as our local retail locations.  The best news is that Premier Dry Cleaning & Shirt Laundry assumes all responsibility with absolutely no cost or liability to your company.  Our staff handles all employee service questions and billing so your company is not involved in any way.

Starting this unique service is easy.  The employee simply brings their clothes in any bag to work.  Next, they call our toll free number and are given the combination to the drop off box.  Premier Dry Cleaning does the rest.  We will process the clothes and return them along with the employee's personalized nylon bag for future orders.   To find out more about this valuable benefit, call Tim Blankenship toll free at 1-866-576-5533.